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Dental Implant Surgical Seminar | 25. – 27. July | Guatemala


The Dental Implant Surgical Seminar (DISS) helps general and restorative dentists expand their private practice into implant surgery. The seminar provides a thorough introduction to the basics of dental implant surgery and hands-on training in soft tissue management and anatomical structures.

The DISS Implant seminar consists of one day of lectures and two days of surgery. Lectures are given by veteran practitioners who have placed thousands of implants and held academic positions in implantology at highly regarded institutions such as the New York University College of Dentistry. Digital lecture files are provided to each participant. Then, all participants get a hands-on surgical experience, placing multiple implants in live patients through computer-guided surgery. All surgeries are performed at the state-of-the-art UFM facility and are supervised by the DISS team of implant surgeons.

>>> All-Inclusive Implant Surgical Program <<<

Learn more: www.dentalimplantsurgicalseminar.com

IDEM Singapur | 7. – 9. Oktober | Marina Bay


Die IDEM ist die erste Anlaufstelle für Dentalhersteller und -händler, die den ersten Schritt in den asiatisch-pazifischen Markt wagen wollen. Auf der Grundlage ihres kontinuierlichen Erfolgs seit dem Jahr 2000 wird die IDEM ihre Position als führende Dentalmesse und -konferenz im asiatisch-pazifischen Raum festigen, indem sie Unternehmen und Einkäufern einen zentralen Treffpunkt bietet, um Geschäfte zu tätigen und neue Partnerschaften mit wichtigen Akteuren im asiatisch-pazifischen Raum zu erkunden.

Erfahren Sie mehr: www.idem-singapore.com


medica | 14. – 17. November | Düsseldorf

medica trade fair duesseldorf

Die MEDICA ist die größte Veranstaltung für die Medizinbranche weltweit. Schon seit über 40 Jahren ist sie eine feste Größe im Kalender aller Experten. Die einmalige Stellung der MEDICA lässt sich an vielen Merkmalen messen: Zum einen ist die Veranstaltung die weltweit größte Medizinmesse überhaupt – mit einigen Tausenden Ausstellern aus mehr als 50 Nationen in den Messehallen! Außerdem würdigen jedes Jahr herausragende Persönlichkeiten aus Wirtschaft, Forschung und Politik das erstklassige Event mit ihrer Anwesenheit – selbstverständlich neben zehntausenden nationalen und internationalen Experten und Entscheidern aus der Branche wie Sie als Fachbesucher.

Mehr Infos unter www.medica.de


Each session is 6-day course.

Session 1:  Day 1-2, Jan 28-29, 2022; Day 3-4, Feb 11-12; Day 5-6, Feb 25-26 
Session 2:  Day 1-2, March 11-12; Day 3-4, March 25-26; Day 5-6, April 8-9 
Session 3:  Day 1-2, July 22-23; Day 3-4, Aug 5-6; Day 5-6, Aug 19-20 
Session 4:  Day 1-2, Sept 16-17; Day 3-4, Sept 30-Oct 1; Day 5-6, Oct 14-15 
Session 5:  Day 1-2, Nov 4-5; Day 3-4, Nov 18-19; Day 5-6, Dec 2-3 

What exactly is the course about?
Good placement of implants is essential, and many implant courses focus on HOW to place such implants.  However, every implant placement is different, even in the same jaw during surgery, and it is crucial to understand WHY a particular technique is selected.   For beginners, this course will provide a strong foundation of principles in oral implantology to keep growing on it.  Those who have some experience but are limited to mechanical techniques will gain in-depth knowledge and confidence in taking the implant cases to a higher level.  It is condensed into six days to explore almost every principle in oral implantology for the everyday dental practice.

Oral Implantology in 6-Days:
Day 1 – Diagnosis and Treatment Plan in implant dentistry
           “Yes, you can get the implant treatment here, Ma’am!”
Day 2 – Bone grafting technique
“Preserve that precious bone!”
Day 3 – Platelet Rich Plasma/PRF
“Benefits of a quick healing equals better healing and less pain.”
Day 4 – Implant Occlusion
“It’s time to wear an implant hat!”
Day 5 – Simplified Implant Restoration
“Think outside the box!”
Day 6 – Implant Placement

Day 1 – Diagnosis and Treatment Plan in implant dentistry

  1. General principles of oral implantology
  2. Patient/case selection
  3. Case workup and presentation using CAD/CAM
  4. CBCT, oral scanner, 3-D printing
  5. Converting a complex case into a simple case

Day 2 – Bone grafting technique

  1. Indication and contraindication, and Risk factors and Limitations
  2. Rationales on the usage of antibiotics
  3. Simplified BG techniques
  4. Side effects of medications related to BG
  5. Ordering the blood work: how and what
  6. The healing mechanism of BG
  7. What do you look for when evaluating the bone condition?
  8. What are the possible consequences of BG failure?
  9. When do you use BG for conventional/traditional dentistry?
  10. What is the relationship between BG and implantology?
  11. How to handle the situations when the BG material is exposed?
  12. How to handle when the BG is infected?
  13. What are pre-op meds needed? And when, why, and what dosage to use?

Day 3 – Platelet Rich Plasma/PRF

  1. What is PRP/PRF?
  2. How does it help in healing?
  3. Venipuncture techniques
  4. Armamentarium for PRP
  5. Pharmacological approach
  6. Hands-on training
  7. Clinical application of PRP/PRF
  8. Soft tissue and PRP/PRF
  9. Atraumatic extraction (socket bone preservation)
  10. Bone biology and histology

Day 4 – Implant Occlusion

  1. What are the differences the implant occlusion?
  2. Biomechanics
  3. Occlusion
  4. Prosthetic components and usage
  5. TMJ and neuromuscular function
  6. Maintenance
  7. Determinants to ailing and failing implants

 Day 5 – Simplified Implant Restoration

  1. How to choose cemented or screw-retained restoration?
  2. Restoration driven implant planning
  3. Implant diameter vs. length
  4. Screw mechanics and the principle of torque and preload
  5. How to avoid using the “custom” abutments
  6. Selection and placement of stock abutments
    1. Hex-engagement
    2. Torque application and its mechanics
    3. Trimming before impression
    4. Flowable composite application
  7. Hands-on:
    1. Sealing abutments in a simple but effective way
    2. Preparation of the abutments
    3. CAD/CAM surgical guide (aid)

Day 6 – Implant Placement

1. Taper implant vs. straight implants
    a. Comparison with other implant systems in material, design, and usage
    b. Maximizing Taper Implant System
           i. Primary stability
           ii. Stream-line delivery system
           iii. How to reduce the incidence of spinners
           iv. Versatility in restoration options
    c. The sequence of drilling technique
           i. Bone density accommodation
           ii. Drilling technique according to the bone density
           iii. Drilling size selection
2. Treatment planning and Implant site preparation
    a. Depth determination
    b. Sequence variations
    c. The proper implant insertion to achieve primary stability.
3. Placement of abutments
    a. Hex-engagement (Hex-ray)
    b. Torque application and its mechanics
    c. Trimming before impression
4. Post-op evaluation
    a. Radiographic evaluation
    b. Rationales for post-op medications

The David Han Implant Institute
6035 Peachtree Road, Suite C-201, Atlanta
GA 30360 USA
Telefon: +1 770-624-3000

Dental Summer 2022 | 29. Juni – 1. Juli | Timmendorf

Dental Summer 2022

Besuchen Sie Ritter Implants auf dem Stand unseres Fortbildungspartners  DGZI und informieren Sie sich über die Vorteile unseres Implantat Systems. Wir freuen uns auf Talk am Strand – welcome to Ritter.

IFG versteht sich als privater Anbieter qualitativ erstklassiger Weiterbildung auf ausgesuchten Gebieten. Dabei möchten wir die von Ihnen gewollte Entwicklung auf fachlicher, unternehmerischer und persönlichkeitsbildender Ebene unterstützen.
Wir präsentieren anerkannte Referenten, Sie erleben nur vielfach bewährte und in der Praxis erprobte und überprüfte Aussagen und Anleitungen.

Mehr Infos unter: www.dentalsummer.de

Visit us at the African Health ExCon, June 5 – 7, 2022
Egypt International Exhibition Center (EIEC) Cairo
Fifth Settlement Ritter Stand A1-A6

The African Health ExCon will take place annually to create a sustainable platform connecting the world’s healthcare buyers and suppliers under one common roof, giving the chance for all healthcare partners to interact together as well as to support the flow of intra/extra trade business in the mother continent; making it the gateway to health and innovation in Africa.

Visit us at: IDEX Istanbul, May 26 – 29, 2022

As an internationally-acclaimed exhibition dedicated to the oral and dental industry, IDEX Istanbul International Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition takes up a favorable and advantageous position worldwide and zooms in global achievements for both exhibitors and visitors at Istanbul Expo Center between May 26-29, 2022. Gathering immense focus on all-embracing product groups and technological advancements, the exhibition is organized by CNR Holding with the support of DISSIAD (Turkish Dental Businessmen Association).

LIVE Patients Course Sarajevo May 20 – 22, 2022

3-Day Hands-On Course on LIVE PATIENTS May 20 – 22, 2022 – University of Sarajevo, presented by: Dr. Maurice Salama and Dr. Howard Gluckman

Learn all of these techniques on LIVE PATIENTS with ONE_ON_ONE training from one of the best clinicians in implant dentistry, Dr. Maurice Salama & Dr. Howard Gluckman! An Exceptional opportunity to become more skilled in implant and regenerative surgery. Become more comfortable incorporating these advanced clinical procedures into your daily practice.

What you will learn::

  • How to treatment plan surgical cases more efficiently
  • Perform a variety of different surgical procedures based upon your experience level
  • Extraction Site Grafting, GBR, Sinus Lifts, Implants in the Esthetic Zone, Connective Tissue Grafting

Dental Implants Workshop, Gulf Medical University, Hall 16, 31th March 2022

Ritter Implants in Coordination with MDS PERIODONTICS PROGRAM at GMU Ajman INVITES you to: Receipe of Success In Immediate Implantation

Dr. Emad Salloum DDS OMS

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Esthetic Dentistry

Course Program:
3 hours lectures divided on two parts
9:00 – 10:30 Part 1
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 – 12:30 Part 2
12:30 – 15:00 Hands-on workshop
15:00 – 16:30 Lunch

Visit us at: Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, February 24 – 26, 2022


Join us in Chicago for the 157th Midwinter Meeting, Feb. 24 – 26, 2022. Experience three days of continuing dental education from the leading experts in dentistry. Network with your colleagues and classmates. Visit our Exhibit Hall to learn about and try out the latest products available.

Visit us at: AEEDC Dubai, February 1 – 3, 2022

AEEDC Dubai, eine globale Plattform für die Dentalwelt

Die Internationale Zahnärztekonferenz und Arabische Dentalausstellung der VAE – AEEDC Dubai – hat sich zu Recht die höchste globale Auszeichnung als „Größte jährliche wissenschaftliche Zahnärztekonferenz und -ausstellung der Welt“ verdient.

Seit 25 Jahren ist die AEEDC Dubai ein Leuchtturm des Wissens und ein Bezugspunkt für Zahnmedizinexperten, Akademiker und Fachleute der Branche aus der gesamten Region und allen Teilen der Welt. Seit ihrer Gründung im Jahr 1996 ist die AEEDC Dubai stetig gewachsen und hat sich zu einem führenden Standort im Gesundheitswesen und zu einem wichtigen wissenschaftlichen Zentrum in der Region und im Ausland entwickelt.