About Us

less is sometimes more.

The name Ritter has been a household name in the dental world for over for more than 135 years. Frank Ritter invented the first dental treatment unit in 1887.

Ritter Implant Production is located near Tuttlingen in southern Germany, on the edge of the Black Forest.
The Ritter brand stands for highest quality, state of the art technologies and innovative products – Made in Germany.

Ritter Implants was founded in 2o10. Due to the worldwide success of the German implant system, especially in the North American market, Ritter Implants is now expanding in Germany and Europe.
The Ritter Implants team, consisting of production, development and marketing specialists, is based in Biberach/Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The goal is to make implants and implantology accessible to as many people as possible, whereby the well-being of the patient will always be in the foreground for Ritter Implants.
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Ritter Implants Award AEEDC 2024 Diamond
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