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Surgical kits and tools reduced to utility.

easy and intuitive.

In principle, only one surgical kit is required for the implant system.
This also includes the instruments for the narrowline (NL) of the narrow implant diameters. The intelligent and clear design makes drilling sequences and application almost self-explanatory. A separate kit is available for the laboratory, which is sufficient for processing the prosthetics. All drills in the RIBEU-PE complete cassette are, for example, conical i.e. adapted to the shape of our implants. Furthermore, each drill is equipped with an integrated drill stop function.

Our torque ratchet is Straumann® compatible. The Ritter internal hex connection is known through many well-known implant systems, such as Adin®, Alpha Bio®, BioHorizon®, Cortex®, Implant Direct®, MIS® and Zimmer®.

our products

Guided Kit Rev. 2.2
The navigated surgical kit


This guided system contains all the tools and drills required to perform a guided operation with all diameters, including Narrow Line. Class IIa (CE1023) Category

2.345,22 EUR

Compact Surgical Kit


This compact surgical kit contains all basic tools and drills to place all Ritter SB/LA implants and system components. The drill stop function is performed by means of stopper sleeves.

1213,23 EUR

RIBEU-PE Rev. 7.0
Laboratory/prosthetic kit complete


The complete surgical kit contains all necessary tools and drills to place all Ritter SB/LA implants and components. The drills are conical and have an integrated drill stop function.

2375,25 EUR



The laboratory kit with all the necessary tools for prosthetic components.

614,56 EUR