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Implantat und Aufbau

NEW: One-piece Multi-Units abutments - also in 17° and 30° angled !

A standard platform

The Ritter inner-hex connection is known through many well-known implant systems, such as Adin®, Alpha Bio®, BioHorizon®, Cortex®, Implant Direct®, MIS® and Zimmer®.

The implant systems have a well-designed and well-assorted number of prosthetic components. The abutments – except for the Narrowline (NL) – have the same platform, operable with the same instruments of the surgical kit.
All abutments are supplied including the connecting screw.

The Ritter Implant System offers you the right solution for every case.
The PUT abutment, for example, can be used for both the analog impression and the final restoration.

Abutments are also available for Narrow Line / 
Narrow implants for NL line with diameter 3.0 and 3.3 mm available.

For dimensions, detailed information and article numbers, please refer to our ordering and product catalog.

Extract from our prosthetic range

digitale und analoge Abformung

Digital scan abutment / analog / impression

Heilkappen und Gingivaformer

Healing caps and gingiva formers
in various heights and diameters

Gerade Abutments Ritter Implants

Straight abutments

Angulierte Abutments Ritter Implants

Angled abutments 15-25°

Ritter Implants Zest

Locator system (all on 4, all on 6)

Zirkon Peek Gold Abutments Ritter

Restorative abutments made of zirconia, gold or peek

Ritter Implants Ballattachments

Ball Attachments (all on 4, all on 6)

1-piece multi-unit abutments, straight and angled (17° & 30°), rotating or anti-rotating