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Implants - also with ø 3.0 and 3.3 mm - inner hex - compatible



The SB/LA implant is suitable for all surgical situations and bone densities. The implant is self-screwing, self-tapping and condenses the adjacent bone thanks to its unique shape and double thread design, which gradually adapts with each thread.

The Ritter SB/LA implant is also available with diameters of 3.0 and 3.3 mm.

The Ritter inner-hex connection is known through many well-known implant systems, such as Adin®, Alpha Bio®, BioHorizon®, Cortex®, Implant Direct®, MIS® and Zimmer®.

The main advantages

Ritter Implants The main advantages

All Ritter implants are supplied incl. implant cover screw. They are in two plastic tubes with a simple sterile barrier, inside a cardboard box with two patient labels.

The individual cartons are packaged in stackable boxes of 10 and reference the instructions for use, which can be accessed online. Instructions for use here…

Ritter Implants cover screw


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